Jazzing Up My Room

I’m not usually one to spend a ton of personal money on my classroom. I mean, there is a spectrum and I’m closer to the “not gonna” end when it comes to dropping serious dollars back into my classroom. Don’t get me wrong, I admire those of you who are that dedicated. I am warming to the notion that I spend many hours a day in the room and a little visual cheeriness would go a long way.

Frustration and Grit

When a student says, “I don’t know,” it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, in my classroom, we say, “Brain, you are about to learn something!” I am helping to celebrate ‘not knowing’ as a starting point, not a deficit.

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Your Students are Not Elephants

As a teacher, I've heard myself say, “I’ve already told you that.”

But let's be honest~ I say a lot. How can I honestly expect them to remember what they are learning when they are also learning how to remember!

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New Logo?!

I do want to keep my blog design simple and elegant while still being fun and engaging. So, I started with my logo. I've now got the WS logo!

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Tape Your Rug Faster

It seems like the obvious thing. It seems like something I would have figured out already. But I have been writing on tape the wrong way since I started teaching.

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