Book Shopping Tip

Book shopping can be overwhelming. For students and teachers alike!

Setting up routines and practicing is a big part of easing the stress. By now you probably have your students looking for just right books and putting them away with the titles facing front. All the basics are covered.

But I’m willing to bet that book bins are a management issue.

I can fix that!

With TAPE!

I've used tape to fix other things, too!

Book Shopping Table Organization by Wiggling Scholars

Find a small table (maybe even an old coffee table?) and put some tape on it. I have 4 kids shop at a time, so I split the table into 4 sections. Then, I put a strip going the long way across the table. This shows the students where to put their book bins farthest from themselves. They bring over a basket to look at, pull out the books they want and put them into a pile nearest to themselves. When all is said and done, they can have a landing place for all of their bins and books. They have room to dig around but also have defined spaces in order to share the table.

Book Bin Table to Stay Organized While Shopping by Wiggling Scholars

I use electrical tape because it lasts all year and peels up without residue. If you are looking for some, feel free to grab it using my Amazon Affiliates link. You can also click on the “Products I Use” tab to see other item’s I’ve recommended and use in my classroom!

Happy Book Shopping Organizing!

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