4 Tips to Rock Your Chalkboard!

4 tips to Rock Your Chalkboards

I have a chalkboard outside my classroom that parents are used to checking for updates. I can’t cover it, hide it, or avoid it all together. So, I took the challenge to make it fun again! Enter: chalk markers by Chalkola

Here are a few tips for decorating your chalkboard, weather you use old-school chalk or you try out wet wipe markers.

Before and After with Chalkboard Markers
Special Lettering and 2-3 Colors


Use Special Lettering

Try using block letters or all caps for important words. Be consistent through the message so they stand out together.

Use 2-3 colors

Monochromatic isn’t going to stand out. Too many colors and it can be like a bad outfit (not all patterns are created equally). Stick with a few colors that play well together. The Chalkola colors stand out and parents have noticed the messages more than before!

Add a Border and Simple Picture

Add a border!

It doesn’t have to be complicated, a dashed line, squiggly line, or even a few stars around the edge help your chalkboard pop. I love the wide chalk markers for making borders quickly and easily.

Try a simple picture

Stick figures aren’t just for kindergarteners! Be brave and add something comical and easy to your board. The narrow chalk pens were perfect for details, scripted text, and small pictures.

Wet Wipe Markers for Chalkboards and Glass

4 Things to Know Before You Buy:

~They do take a few minutes to get going. You simply shake, push the tip and release a few times (about 30 seconds or so for the wide markers and about a minute for the narrow). I got smart after the first one and activated 3 at a time.

~When you open them, be cautious. The wide ones seemed to have a lot of liquid in them and got on my hands when I opened it. A little tip~ twist the cap with the tip down. That worked well for me!

~They dry quickly! Just be careful, even when dry, light colors will pick up dark colors (the same way regular markers do).

~They need to be on a nonporous surface. That means some chalkboards won’t play nicely, but most will. You can also use them on windows, mirrors, and other surfaces! I plan to try mine out on the bathroom tiles. I’m thinking sight words!

If you want to get 20% off the narrow (6mm) markers, you can use the affiliate links above with the code: CHALK20A (that’s a ZERO not an O).

For 20% off the wide (15mm) markers: CHK20OFF (that's a ZERO then an O).

Happy Decorating!


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