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I hope you are enjoying the Teaching in the Tongass Wishlisted linky so far! Thanks for making it to Wiggling Scholars! These are the items from my store that are the most "wishlisted" from my TPT store.

Coin Top It has been my most wishlisted item and the most purchased for a while! It's easy to print, cut, and play! For durability over time, it's easy to laminate before you cut. The cutting happens on straight lines. ~~No need to cut rounded edges!~~ It's also a game that builds over time. Start by introducing the penny, nickel and dime version. Then add in quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coins if you want! 

Math Strategies Check Up came about because I wanted to teach a very targeted math workshop and needed to know which specific strategies kids were understanding and still working to master. This was a quick and fun way for kids to show what they know. I used it as a math warm up one day and as morning work another. It's incredibly flexible that way! Just print, copy, and use!

All About Me: Autobiography is a writing unit that comes complete with lesson plans, writing paper, and rubrics. It's very open-ended, so it's applicable for end-of-year kindergarteners all the way through second grade. You choose how many pages and "chapters" your students create and help them build piece by piece. Makes a great memento!


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