Pete's Sunglasses

I am psyched about the new Pete the Cat book! I stumbled across it on Saturday. It was just released on Oct. 1! Hot off the presses~ people!

The story is another valuable lesson about attitude. Pete is feeling blue and Grumpy Toad gives him a pair of magic glasses. Well it turns out (spoiler alert!) that Pete doesn’t need the glasses after all! Pete ends up "feeling alright" and learns to "look for the good in every day."

The illustrations feature the same adorable blue cat (of course) and a few other characters along the way. 

But it gets e.v.e.n b.e.t.t.e.r! If you want to share the story with your students and can't get to the store ($17.99) and don't want to wait for delivery ($12.78 online)… you can watch the ViDeO for FrEe! As if James Dean wasn’t a cool enough name, he and his wife wrote Pete AND offer a free video?! I think I have an author crush on these two!

Happy Reading!