This Is Not My Hat

This is not my hat.png

This Is Not My Hat

By Jon Klassen

Book Review by CaseyJane

I Could. Not. Wait. To read this book to my wiggling authors! I read the book, first, with the illustrations hidden and asked my writers to “play the movie in their minds.” The words make the reader believe the little fish will get away with stealing a hat from another, much bigger fish.

Then, I read it a second time to my scholars with the illustrations visible; how shocked they were! The story has an entirely different outcome!

When studying Illustration Craft Skills, I used this book to demonstrate the impact of an image. While I certainly don’t expect elementary students to create a story that is entirely reversed by images, I do want them to understand that images are meaningful.

We took a closer look at the eyes of the big fish and they were easily able to understand what was being portrayed… I’m not holding my breath that any of my first graders will start using eyes to convey a message. But it’s all about exposure and planting the seed.

Who knows~ maybe one of my students will be awarded the Caldecott someday!

Or maybe they’ll draw a picture where the eyes aren’t just 2 dots!

I’ve heard from many people (including the lovely lady at the bookstore) that this is a sort-of-sequel to I Want My Hat Back. Both stories are great for the same purpose… illustrations have a powerful impact!

After seeing the story, they had a LOT to say! We had a grand conversation (Lucy Calkins style). Near the end, the little fish swims into the “tall grass” and the big fish follows. The big fish comes out wearing the hat on his head. No indication as to what happened in there! I asked the scholars to share what they imagine happened to the little fish.

I was really glad I extended the use of this story… more bang-for-my-read-aloud-buck!

~especially when I paid for the hardcover version~

~~totally worth it~~