Unintended Cruel Joke

The ever-dedicated (ever-organized, ever-Type-A) me stays late on Friday’s until the entire next week is set. Copies made, CCSS accounted for, “I can” statements written, lesson plans printed, etc… It often means I am the last one at school on a Friday. Sadly, I often get into my car about 2 hours after school has ended.

But I can go home and fully relax because everything at school is set. Mind=off.

This Friday was much the same, except that my hubs said he had to stay late at work. BONUS! I can do all of the regular routine AND start report cards. And not even feel guilty!

So the bell rings, I shoo the scholars off to start their weekend, and get down to business. Imagine a duck… calm on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath! I had my head about me, was totally focused, and was in fifth-gear.  The clock read 5:55 (triple nickels!). The amount of work accomplished in that time was amazing!

Then, the custodian (we’ll call him Greg~ mostly because that’s his name), stopped in to let me know that the CLOCKS WERE ALREADY SWITCHED BACK FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!

It was actually almost 7:00. 

After laughing for 5 minutes straight… I hung my head low and shuffled out of school. Hello weekend, I’m an hour late.

On the flip side, I still made it home before my hubby.


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