Parent Teacher Conferences (Linky!)

PT Conference Linkt.jpg

I'm excited to be participating in my first linky party! Thanks to Miss Cosley over at You Might Be a First Grader for hosting!

A little bit late… but seeing as I don’t have Parent Teacher Conferences for another 2 weeks, here are my tips:

Tip 1: Wear Layers!

If your school is anything like mine, they turn off the heat once the students leave and refrigerate us for the evening. It starts out a moderate temperature and just.gets.colder.

I have been known to shiver by the end of the night.

Also, some conferences make you sweat. You know the kind~ no need for me to expound! It helps to remove a layer when you are warm. You may also choose to cover (brace yourself) pit stains or to ward off any icy stares. I wouldn't know about any of those things though...

Tip 2: Parent Homework

I do not enjoy surprises. Well, not at parent teacher conferences anyway! I send home my No Surprise Conference Form for parents to write down their questions, comments, or concerns. Previewing the conferences this way gives me the chance to pre-problem solve, collect data, and gather materials/ideas for the parents to support their scholar at home.

This is my first freebie on TPT. I’m very excited to finally be opening my store.

Come back soon for more freebies!