Lost Hat

So I have a scholar who is particularly paced… sloth style!

It will come as no surprise when I say that she is also an expert at being disorganized.

You know those moments when you tell the person on the phone that you can’t find your phone, or you are driving your car and you can’t find your keys?

She puts that to shame.

Every day.

A couple of times over.

But she is sweet and works hard… every. single. day. So she totally has my heart.

When she came up to me and declared LOUDLY that she lost her hat, I melted. Perhaps because I was about to boil? Hehe, lovingly. I promise.

We searched through the world’s largest lost-and-found 5 times. For 3 mornings and 2 afternoons. Once, she even hit her head trying to dive into it. Yes, it’s that big!

The 6th time she asked to go "dumpster diving" in the lost-and-found, I nodded my head and declared this would be the last time. She gave me those big puppy-dog eyes and dashed off (because walking just isn’t a speed she does!).

MANY minutes later I noticed her locker door was open, snow pants and coat hanging, backpack unzipped, and boots devoid of her little feet. The hallway is also void of all other students.


So I dash off (because the busses are leaving any second!) and race to find the scholar. Nowhere to be seen. I’m not going to panic. I’m NOT going to panic.

*ring ring* “Did you find your student?” She ended up in the office at the other end of the building!

WHAT?! How is that even possible. The office is no where close to the lost&found. Not even a little bit! Beyond a lot bit! As far as kids are concerned, making it from the lost&found to the office is like climbing Mount Everest!

So I find my wiggling scholar and pack her bag. This is a first. I just don’t pack bags for kids. Not because I’m mean, but because I am already exhausted when I get home, why in the world would I do something for a scholar when they can do it themselves? I’m not an enabler! But I give in because I’d rather enable the disorganized people of the world than face the wrath of a parent whose child missed the bus.

Sorry~ I get engrossed in the extraneous details! We pack the bag, snow pants, boots, coat, mittens…

And then it happens.

She bleats out, “Where’s my scarf!”

(Deep breath.)

(Another deep breath!)