Book Review: Ike's Incredible Ink

Ike's Incredible Ink by Brianne Farley is an adventure in imagination and bucking writer's block. We start the story with Ike as his table wanting to write an incredible story. He isn't sure what to write about so he begins to wonder what is wrong. It seems that he could benefit from his own ink. Thus begins his adventures in collecting black items (a shadow, black feathers, and the dark side of the moon). At last, he uses these items to craft his ink, the process which looks a bit like a science experiment or a cooking project gone awry. The story ends with Ike sitting down to write his story.

The illustrations are darling and highly imaginative. Ike's body appears to be a blob of ink. Many of the pages are very tidy with minimal or no background images, while other pages are gently decorated with cloth and craft paper.

Upon reading the back flap on the dust cover, I learned this is Brianne's debut! You would never know! She does an amazing job of bringing Ike to life and capturing the creative side of writing.

I can think of about 600zillion ways to use this book! But, to narrow things down, I am going to start with writing tools and preparing yourself as a writer.

Today I talked with my students about taking charge of your own writing and getting rid of procrastination. We had a giggle about how easy it is to procrastinate (Have you ever been asked to clean your room and 3 hours later your closet is empty and the contents are strewn about? Or 3 hours later you have the best lego pirate ship you've ever made?) But we also talked about how writer's can face a lot of distractions and how to avoid them.

A great read for the what my team likes to call the Jan-Febs (which is the January-February slump) that seems to be the Jan-Feb-Mars this year!!!

Happy Jan-Feb-Mars!