“EEEK! I’m acting like I’ve never seen a bug before…”

 “EEEK! I’m acting like I’ve never seen a bug before…”

“Even though we just finished an entire 4-week insect unit.”

That’s basically what she said when she EEEKed.

She’s sassy and adorable. She constantly hides from attention~ to be specific she hides from MY attention but is desperately seeking the attention of her peers. You know her. Sassy and adorable.

And then it happens. A millipede walks on the side of the cupboard just behind your head as you are providing world-class education to the wiggling scholars. She “EEKS!”


Game. Over.


Right, I’ve got this. I’m an experienced educator and I’m not afraid of bugs. But no matter how I feel, I’m smart enough to know the scholars can’t handle it. Independent-working-time it is!

Directions as fast a lightning and off you go (so I can catch the bug while you are busy).

But NOOOO! She is so freaked out by my little guest that she can’t stop watching. Drat. That means I have to be brave and avoid squashing the darn thing ... *ehem* creature that deserves to live.

I’m actually not afraid of seeing insects and bugs. But touching them is another thing. I can do it, but I save the brave face for the field trip. Let’s be honest, I can manage about 1 brave bug-touching-face a year. I’m not afraid to squash them either. Yet, there’s just something a little to… I don’t know… “much” about killing a bug in front of my innocent little wiggling scholars. They can’t know that I’m secretly a bug killer just because our unit is over. You know?!

I inform the scholars that I can’t find him and since he isn’t bothering us, we shouldn’t bother him.

Then my attention seeking “EEK” Girl starts to throw her snack under her table as an insect trap.

Deep breath.

“Um… EEK Girl, it’s sweet of you to try to catch our little guest! However, if we put food on the floor, we’ll have more insects in our classroom. I'm pretty sure it's gone now. Try to think about your work and before you know it, it will be recess!"

Phew. Handled.

The next morning this happened:



Yes, this is a cleverly designed, hand-crafted insect trap with complete with Scooby-Snack bait. That’s adorable EEK Girl! You are so dedicated! I mean… I can tell you were having dreams about it!

She even used a length of ribbon. It’s not like most little girls use that stuff lightly! (Sorry, stereotype, I know! Don’t hate, I intend it kindly).

In the event you are interested, or have a class-guest of your own, our insect trap is available for free!

Happy Hunting!