Editing and Nonfiction

Editing and Nonfiction

One of these alone make my hair go flat, but together they make my stomach sink!

That’s when I know it’s time to double up! It’s like Double-Mint gum… right?

Do you remember those commercials~ the one with the twins riding the tandem bike? It took a bit of commercial watching, but I was able to find the commercial

Side track.

Well, a few days ago (the pictures give away the date!) I wanted to spice up our morning message with some editing marks. I also want to keep the morning message fresh and relevant in the nonfiction unit. I might still be working on that!

After reading this great illustrated nonfiction book titled Chameleons are Cool by Martin Jenkins, I took an excerpt from the book and voila! Double-Mint-Magic!

photo 1.JPG


So I have noticed we are really struggling with the basics this year. Usually by now I have a few stragglers with the whole punctuation thing, but this year it is Pain.Ful!

Brace yourself, I didn't wash my easel and I can't write in a straight line. I know, I KNOW! It makes me crazy, too. 

photo 3.JPG

To kick off using editing marks with the students, I used this morning message to let them know a ‘\’ means make it lowercase, a ‘o’ means punctuation is necessary, and three ‘_’ is a tall hazelnut latte! Wait, that’s my Starbucks order. Just make it tall capital letter. The first sentence I talked about the editing marks and the following two sentences, the scholars were making the corrections on their own without the editing marks (because we ran out of time). Looking back I'm not sure how the letters at the beginning of the sentence also got \ marks... but I think they were just crossing out the letter they didn't want.

You know. The basics.

I n.e.v.e.r. end up teaching anything and thinking... gosh, what happened there? (You read that with heavy sarcasm, right?)

Once I walked them through it, they were pretty pumped! I couldn’t wait to start using them. Really. I was getting a bit itchy at the thought of turning a blind eye to another page-long sentence!

Also, I wrote each sentence in a different color. Usually at this point in first grade I’ve gotten past that. But my wiggling scholars are taking their time on it this year. Maybe they, too, have the Double-Mint gum earworm and can’t focus?