What a Weekend in NYC Taught Me

Sure, I could go for all of the cliche things about accepting people for who they are and celebrating diversity. Better yet, I could go for the, "I realized how small I am in the big city" approach.

So I think I will!

Just from the teacher perspective...

Let me set the scene: a table, food, and atmosphere. It's no different than any party or family gathering. 

But one thing is different.

All of the people at this table are teachers. I know, I know. You saw that coming. 

The important thing was the conversation. As teachers, we got to talking about teaching and whatnot. We got into several topics that can be polarizing. We agreed, disagreed, and moved on. Yup. Like adults! It is so uplifting to be around educators who are passionate and still respectful. 

I also realized just how much about teaching I don't know and how much these educators can teach me. More amazingly, their willingness to share with me and help me grow is moving.

At the end of the weekend, I left feeling refreshed, willing to reflect, and so grateful for the chance to connect with other educators. 

I suggest you try it!

Oh, and I can't resist a weekend collage pic!

If you haven't had the chance to talk with other educators lately, get connecting! Find a conference, attend an edchat (they're free!), or leave comments on a teacher blog. Find a way to get connected.

Happy Connecting!