SUPER Thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I am always forgetting to be thankful for what I have, so I appreciate any chance to stop and think about what I do have and what I'm glad I don't have. 

Primary Powers is hosting a SUPER Thankful Linky!

So cozy up with a slice of humble pie and let's get thankful!

Thankful 1 Me.jpg

#1:Me. Yup, I just tossed out the humble pie and did a self-five!

But on a serious note, I haven't always been thankful for myself. I finally feel like I have accepted those quirky things that make me who I am. I own them. I know they aren't always perfect, and sometimes I may annoy my friends or coworkers. But I own it, I'm working on it, and I am proud of who I am becoming. It's not arrogance, but confidence. 

#2: People. I have been lucky enough to have a family that supports me (even when I'm annoying or need a second serving of humble pie). Mr. Wiggling Scholars is just what I need. My sisters are always there for me. My parents give great advice. My friends are fun-loving and caring. I've been so lucky to surround myself with really great people. 

#3: My Health: I know this might be a sensitive topic for some, but I feel lucky to be healthy. I'm thankful for all of those rotten things I don't have. 

#4: Options. I once heard that the only rich people in life are those with options. I feel grateful that I am in the position of choosing what I do with my time, resources, and thoughts. There are no restrictions, limitations, addictions, or doubts that hold me back. 


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Happy Thankfulness!