One Word Resolution Linky

Hello 2015, I can't wait for you to be here! To get ready, I'm decorating my personality with a new resolution! I'm linking up with Primary Powers for a fun challenge: a one word resolution! Check out the post for details on what that is and how to link up!

The one word that would help me most as a teacher this year would be 'notice'.

I'm in a new school and have spent the first part of the year getting comfortable and familiar with the community, coworkers, and surroundings. While I don't feel guilty for taking the time I needed to get comfortable and familiar, It's time for me to pay more attention to the people and space around me. I intend to focus more on getting to know the teachers in the other grades, paying attention to the little shifts in the tone of the room, and seeing the little things in the classroom that might have gone past me in the first few weeks of a new job. I know my students have always responded when I've noticed the little changes! I love to greet them with, "Happy Haircut!," but it's time to take it to the next level. 

Happy Resolutions!


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