Spring Brings...

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that spring brings many things for teachers... For me, it looks like this:

1) allergies.

2) TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!!!! (Selfish, I know, but I love me some appreciation!!!)

3) Prepping for and stressing over end-of-year projects and presentations.

4) Slowly starting to appreciate just how far you've come with this year's class... and how amazingly independent they are now.

5) Year-end countdowns that start with a very big double-digit number.

6) THAT conversation.

No, I'm not talking about the Human Growth and Development talk.

(Although that usually happens in spring and I dread that, too!)

I'm talking about the talk, THE talk, with THE person that can upset the entire ecosystem of your world for the next year.


The talk about grade level changes.

I can't blame you if you read that last line and stopped reading. But for those of you still here, thanks! 

I'm not going to spend the rest of this blog complaining about how dreadful it can be to move classrooms. But I do want to convey to all of those principals out there something VERY important.

You. Do. Not. Know. Everything! And just because you c.a.n. change my entire world doesn't mean you should. Nor that it's for the best.

So listen up~ if your teachers are coming up with valid and reasonable lists (yes, a list with 4 or more sound arguments) as to why moving isn't his/her thing, please listen. No, not "teflon listening," ACUTAL listening that sticks. Otherwise you are going to make them go home and cry and maybe even have a glass of fermented red grapes on a weeknight. 

More than once in a week.

Sad but true.