So You're Moving #2

Now that you have had a total melt down and gotten over yourself, we are ready to get to the real work. The way I see it, you have 2 options. 1) Go area by area and dismantle things one at a time. 2) Go concept by concept.

I choose option 2. The kids seem to notice it less because I don't start to take everything apart weeks before the last day. Thus, behavior is more intact.

If you are going area by area... you're on your own!

Sorry. But true.

Before you even start to DREAM about packing, you are going to need to reduce.

A lot!

Purge all excess.

My philosophy is to release it to the universe. When I need it again, the universe will have it to provide.

If it doesn't, oh well. (That's what the Target dollar section is for!)

So I'm going to spend the next few days just getting rid. You know that pile you've been "hanging on to because you are just s.u.r.e. you'll get that project done someday?" It's time. Do it or get rid of it.

You know that file in your filling cabinet that you have always wanted to use but it's for 3rd grade and you are moving to kindergarten? I'm sure the 3rd grade teacher would love to have it. Or recycle it for you and you won't know so it's all good anyway.

How about those books that are gross and old and torn and outdated and so -over-loved that it looks like the kids hated them? Yup. Gone. Recycle them. Don't donate them... NO ONE wants to read them anymore. Seriously. Would you pick up that book and read it? Right. Your kids don't want to either.

Sure, all of the other ones you can donate or give to the 3rd grade teacher and tell her/him that s/he can use them until you get moved to 3rd or s/he leaves 3rd. Because by the time you get to 3rd grade, those books will be outdated and boring anyway. Why not get some use out of them versus having the spiders and mice in your basement find a cozy home.

Just sayin'.

Oh, and the hoarding needs to stop.


You don't need 50 boxes of 100 paper clips. 

Or 600 sticky-note pads.

Or 40 boxes of dried out markers.

Or 20 bottles of "glue" that is so hard it may as well be a science experiment.

Bottle of wine... hoard away!

Look at all of your stuff as if you were a new teacher and ask yourself, "Would I want to keep this old junk?" and, "Can I find a good way to use all of this stuff?"

If the answer is no, release it, recycle it, trash it, donate it.

This week... get rid of it! Don't think twice.

I call my rule of thumb the Sweater Rule: If you are standing in the store and asking yourself, "Should I get this sweater? I'm not sure. I like it. But it is expensive. I don't have anything to wear with it. I don't have any place to wear it."

Then D.O.N.'T buy the sweater! You clearly aren't in love with it! 

I have never gone wrong and don't even remember what any of those sweaters look like that I didn't buy. Ugly I'm sure.

The same holds true for your classroom. Unless you are in love with the book/file/furniture/etc... then it isn't worth keeping. There are far too many other amazing things out there to bother with the mediocre.

Plus, who want to pack all of that! :)

Happy Rid-ing