So You're Moving #3

Now that you have gotten rid of all (yes, ALL) of the things you don't need, you can start to pack the innards. Let's be honest, as much as you may feel the instant success of ripping down the bulletin boards and packing away the chart papers, your Wiggling Scholars will notice. Not a great idea.

Just not.

So start with the "inner" things: file cabinets, cup boards, and desk drawers. You can easily pack pens, rubber bands, teaching books, etc. into smaller containers and start stacking them in the corner or separating the things you are taking into one cupboard and the things you are leaving into another.

You'll be tempted to start dumping things into boxes, but avoid this AT.ALL.COSTS!

Another tip, clean what you can. Meaning, keep purging what you don't want, but also wipe down and refresh anything that isn't tidy. It's like opening a gift if the fall when you open a box of items that were taken care of. When you open a box of germ-y, gross, crumpled, smelly, old things, it's as though you've opened a white elephant gift in a mansion. You'll be asking yourself, "Shouldn't I be looking at nicer things?"

Or perhaps, "Wait a minute, am I being Punk'D? Ashton, you really got me! Ha ha! Ashton! Ashton?"

(Side note, who can Name That Movie?)

Happy Inner Cleaning and Organizing!