So You're Moving #4

I think it's obvious that I have been a bit busy (with moving, of course!) and didn't get to the last post in my series on time.

The final step to packing your room is true packing. Some of it involves packing the trash can with the left over charts, old bulletin board paper, etc.

Otherwise, put out tupperware (or cardboard, I don't discriminate!) and label them. Yes, label them! It doesn't matter how you label them, but it saves you serious stress when unpacking. I tend to have a few main topics for packing:


math and science

recess activities and games

office supplies

smaller tupperware/organizers

I also have my students help me with all sorts of cleaning, dusting, organizing, sorting, and more! This year, my students sorted out my books (which are labeled) from the non-labeled school books, dust all of the furniture and tupperware with wipes, and tidied up games and manipulatives. We took 2 afternoons during the last 2 days of school to work on these kinds of things. Let's be honest, it helps keep them busy and keeps the Wiggling Scholars engaged in the meaningful task of being responsible for their environment.

Beyond that, if you have more than about 10 boxes, you might want to consider sending some of it back into the universe! Trust me, I've moved every year and never have wished I kept something that I left behind.

That being said, I have a hard time getting rid of books! :)

Happy Packing!

CaseyJane Cooper