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Organization Blog Hop

Organization is a constant source of inspiration AND frustration. Hop along with the Heroes from Primary Powers. We are here to save the day with some organization tips for your classroom or teacher-space. By the way, we aren't all classroom teachers, so literacy specialists and interventionists, you can nab some of these ideas, too!

My tip is about my week-long bucket. My first year as a teacher, we were expected to hand in lesson plans on Friday for the upcoming week. Yes, that means that I often change my plans by the end of the week to be responsive to my students, but I always have a plan for the upcoming week. Ever had a bad week and then you realize your plans aren't put together?! This will help you avoid that nightmare.

To make my bucket, I use an open-top bin and 5 oversized dry erase boards that are too beat-up to use anymore. I just wrote on the top each day of the week. As I make decisions about books, printables, and whatnot, I drop them in the corresponding day for the upcoming week. Then, at the end of the school day, I pull out all of the things assigned to the next day. I have the stack of supplies needed ready to go and I'm not hunting for items! **Disclaimer, mine are not cute!!! But I made this easy freebie for you to get organized and be a little more visually pleasing!

You could make this same system using just about any bucket and separators. 

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