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Classroom Loves Linky

A big ‘Thank You’ to the Primary Powers blog for hosting the Classroom Loves linky! I’m excited to share with you the things that my students and I love about what makes our classroom their “learning home.”


I Love~ My Stapler!

I think it is safe to say that there is one thing I love above all other things in my classroom. This is the world’s greatest, most reliable, easiest-to-get-through-the-giant-stack-of-papers-they-call-stories stapler! It is spring-loaded so it doesn’t require the weight of a body builder to get the staples through paper. I even allow my students to use it. And it has ~never~ jammed! I had a student drop one a few years ago and the bottom part broke off, so now it’s my bulletin board stapler. No more of that awkward moment where you are stapling on the bulletin board in the hallway and almost knock yourself over because you push really hard and the wall somehow seems to push back and you end up looking like a wimp. I am all sorts of suave with this little gem!

You can use my Amazon Affiliate link to order one. They come is a few different colors, and a breast-cancer awareness one that donates $0.50 of the purchase to CancerCare (a nonprofit that supports those facing a diagnosis).

Crate Benches

They Love~ Crate Benches!

Honestly, this is a love of mine as well. I noticed one year how much they were sitting on the floor and started to feel a little guilty. It’s not like a blab on and on ...(honest), but with mini-lessons, turn-and-talk, workshop shares, and read alouds, my wiggling scholars were on the “rug” a lot. But let’s be honest… it’s not the same as sitting at home with the squishy carpet pad under the plush carpet (yeah, I rent… so my carpet isn’t that nice either, but you get the gist). They are sitting on the $20 rug from thrift-o-rama or wherever that is on the cold hard tile. While I’m not trying to cry foul here, it can’t be that comfortable! I thought about getting a foam mat for under the rug. Naturally, it turned into constructing 4 benches.

Line Up Spots

We Love~ Line Up Spots!

As a teacher, I never hear, “He took my spot,” or “He cut me.” Wanna know how?! I have assigned spot in line AND they are educational. HELLO making the most of every single moment of the day! I bought a pile of those little cut-out feet at the teacher store and wrote every sight word on them. Then, I put little pieces of black electrical tape on the floor with silver sharpie words that match the feet. 3 white pieces of construction paper, Velcro dots, and some name labels later and I have myself sight-word-line-up-spots! Every few days I will reassign the words. Students write them down on their dry erase boards to practice writing the words, and each quarter (or so) I will change the words on the floor so they are getting exposure to new words. My school currently uses the Teacher’s College word lists. Since I teach first grade, I use the kindergarten words (list A) for the first few weeks and then change to list B for October through December, list C for January and February, and List D for March and April. In a good year, I’ll test them all on all 3 lists and revisit whatever words need it during May and June… but again, not sure I can say I’ve done that every year!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found some things your class can love, too!

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Happy Classroom Luuuuv!



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