Spring Cleaning Classroom Routines HOP!

Roomies Picture!

Check out these beautiful ladies! I got to spend the weekend with them! All 5 of us are roomies at the French Lick Midwest Blogger Meet Up.

This is such a welcome break for me in the middle of the looooooooooong part of the winter. We came back from winter break and still have 3 week left until spring break.

That's a long time.

And indoor recess. Don't get me started.

But I've had to be creative with my routines. When they get stale, kids get, well... less nice. Less nice to each other, to deal with, to teach. 

So I've made some changes to a few routines. 

One big routine that parents mention during the winter parent/teacher conferences is homework. 

When the 5th parent mentioned that daily pain known as homework, I decided it was time to put my trusty reading logs aside for a while and try something new. We are coming up on the "Across Genres" unit and I wanted kids to really explore other topics. 

Hello Book Bingo!

I try to keep it simple. When parents ask I just let them know the topics mentioned are suggestions and to be creative when finding a book that fits the bingo square. Other than that, it works like regular bingo. Fill the column, row, or corners. If you want a challenge, fill in the whole darn thing!

You are welcome to try March as a free sample, but I do have a bingo board for September through May!

Good news, my roomies and I are GIVING AWAY a product that helps us keep things fresh. Enter the raffle copter on each bloggers page for more chances to win!

Keep hopping to get their great ideas!


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