Teacher's Pets

I am really excited to be joining some great bloggers for a fun linky all about PETS! Check out their links below!

The truth is, I'm a cat person. Well, somedays I may qualify as a bone fide cat lady... tea cup, cat hair, messy bun, and all! 

I've always been a cat person.

But cats don't seem to like me.

Here's my latest proof:

My Irritated Cat

Then again, she doesn't seem to like anyone or anything. She merely puts up with me...

I do talk about my cat with my first graders a lot! I think they can connect with the idea of a pet. It is because they connect so well with animals that I wanted to target a tough skill with a cheery topic. Alphabetizing? So much more fun with animals! Grab this FREEBIE!


If you are looking for more practice, you can check out the full product that includes 4 pages of alphabetical sorting. Once page for farm, forest, ocean, and zoo! ($2.00 on TPT)

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