Teacher Tool Gift Exchange

Teacher Tool Gift Exchange

I'm excited to be joining Miss DeCarbo for the Teacher Tool Exchange Linky!

When you get a group of educators all together, we often start talking supplies. Let’s be honest… a great many of us are addicted to (or banned from) (or singularly supporting) our local supply store.

Usually, I hear about some must-have item and I can’t get to Amazon fast enough!

At the blogger meet up in Indiana last weekend, we all brought an item we can’t live without to give away! After a quick game, we each opened the item someone else brought.

I am so excited to have gotten my teacher tool from Amy who blogs at All Y’All Need.

She is so kind and funny! I had a great time getting to know Amy and hanging out in the lobby as we waited for other bloggers to show up. 


These magnets are amazing! I wanted to test out just how powerful they are, so I swapped them out for my usual clip magnets. This was a real challenge! This is FOLDED OVER pocket chart material on top of a paper-covered chalk board from a zillion year ago. What used to take 2 giant clips, 2 small clips, and 2 plastic clips, not to mention resting on the chalkboard ledge, now only takes 6 of these little beauties and no ledge-resting! I love that it tidies up the look, too!

If you are interested in grabbing some of these for yourself, you can use my Amazon Affiliates link to add them to your cart!

Happy Teacher Tool Idea Collecting!