Inspiration Weekend

Here is the thing about inspiration… it’s always there. You have to be willing to see it. I had a healthy dose of inspiration at the French Lick blogger meet up for educators.

Here's a little look into what the weekend of inspiration looked like for me.

And yes, I entirely realize that this whole acronym for INSPIRATION is cheesy, but I’m from Wisconsin, so it’s okay! Cheesy is what I do!

I~ Invest

I am so impressed by the investment our sponsors made. A sincere THANK YOU to the sponsors for helping me to feel like a respected professional. GoNoodle and TeachersPayTeachers know how to throw a teacher PJ party! Thank you for reminding me that I am worth investing in.

N~ Network

This trumps social media. Period.

S~ Stretch

I can’t help but feel slightly smaller when in the presence of so many other great teachers… not because I am made to feel lesser~ just part of something so much bigger than I ever knew teaching to be. It is a reminder to stretch myself to grow as an educator.

P~ People

Teachers are among the most uplifting people I know. Not only is it my job to create a sense of team in my students, but it’s a calling to create a team among our profession. 


I~ Intention

When teachers get together, it’s usually because an administrator asks us to meet. Sometimes it’s a social call to get away from teaching. But when teachers intend on getting together to talk and share about the delights and discomforts of teaching, the intention isn’t social or to improve data. When teachers get together of their own accord, it becomes this whole other thing!  There is an inspirational energy that is undeniable! 

R~ Relax

Teaching can be stressful is it’s own way. While relaxing and renewing with family or at home have their place, finding a way to relax with fellow educators is something new and inspiring.

A~ Anew

Sure, I left the weekend feeling a little tired from all of the excitement. I did return home feeling energized about teaching again.   

T~ Take the Time to Treat Yourself 

Everyone should find a way to take some time off. Maybe going away for the weekend to hang out with 100+ other educators isn’t in your future. Find a way to treat your teacher self and get inspired!

I~ Interests

Sharing your interests can be just as important as learning about them. I put on my big girl pants and shared my work-around for hyperlinking PDF’s using a Mac. If you are interested, I made a video

O~ Open

Being open and honest about my teaching journey helps me to reflect on where I’m at and where I want to go. It’s easy to do this with other teachers because they can empathize with me so easily, but also can offer other perspectives from a place of knowing. I’m always open to other perspectives. Yet, coming from another teacher it can be the beginning of a 2-way connection. 

N~ Notion

My computer defines notion as: a belief or desire. Either way, the notion of inspiration drives so much of what I do as a teacher. 

Thank you to all those who donated items! Vera Bradley, Lakeshore, Erin Condren, Scentos, and Teacher Created all provided goodies for each of us to take home. Their investment in education is inspiring!

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Enjoy these other blog posts about our inspiring weekend with other educators. 

Happy Inspiring!


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