Contacts and/or Glasses?

Do you do the contacts and/or glasses dance everyday like me? As a teacher, I’m always trying to manage the balance between contacts with the possibility of sunglasses, or glasses without the possibility of dry contacts.

Picture of sunglasses from

Raise your hand if you have recess duty! (And you know that it is the day that you forget your sunglasses in the car.) I have decided to keep a second pair in my classroom for recess duty. Hello sunglasses online!

I have always had a pair of cheap eyeglasses around for when my contacts get dry or itchy from seasonal allergies.

Size of glasses, numbers on arm has some fun glasses frames. If you have a narrow face like me, shop wisely! Look at the size of the frames you have now (the tiny numbers on the frame with a square between them~ the first number is the size of the circle for the lenses and the second is the bridge of your nose). Find something in a similar size. That way you know how they are likely to fit even though you haven’t tried them on!

If you are a new customer, they are giving you FREE GLASSES (optical glasses and sunglasses, but not S&H).

If you have already bought a pair or want a second pair, my readers get 50% off! That’s right people, half price on the frames with free lenses! Just don’t forget to type in the coupon code GSHOT50.

 I’m hoping that you have an awesome school year and that you protect your eyes!

Happy seeing!


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