Tape Your Rug Faster

Tape Spots for your Rug Done Faster

It seems like the obvious thing. It seems like something I would have figured out already. But I have been writing on tape the wrong way since I started teaching.

I used to lay the tape out on the table, write the words, peel it up and cut one word at a time, stick the cut words to the edge of my laptop or a basket, and then hold the basket as I walked around my rug putting the tape spots into place.

And in a moment steeped in teacher-tired, it came to me.

It came to me as an unused clipboard I hadn’t yet put away.

Yes. A clipboard.

Stick the tape to the clipboard in strips.

Write the names.

Cut and stick to the rug one at a time.

Less peeling and sticking makes for longer-lasting tape… not to mention a teacher who is checking stuff off a to-do list faster!

Simple. I know.

But effective.

You’re welcome.

Happy Taping!


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